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Kids Blowing Bubbles
Kids in Preschool

Occupational Therapy

How can we help?

Occupational Therapy helps children to develop independence in the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills

  • Visual/motor skills – tracking an object, hand-eye coordination

  • Cognitive skills including problem-solving, memory, and attention

  • Sensory processing

  • Play and social interaction 

  • Emotional awareness

  • Learning basic self-care tasks, such as getting dressed, etc.

Our sessions are set up to be the "just right" challenge, play based, and fun.  We provide specialist assessments, one-to-one therapy, and group therapy for children and their families. 

Our mission at Whole Child Occupational Therapy is simple: to meet children where they're at and help to improve their lives. Occupational Therapy caters to each child's specific needs and helps to further develop their skills.

For more information click on the link to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Does your child have difficulty completing everyday tasks?

We're here to help!  We are licensed occupational therapists with in-depth knowledge of child development, sensory regulation and reflex integration. 


We believe that connection, happiness and growth are the three most important elements for children to live their best lives!  There are many reasons why these fundamental needs can be disrupted for children, making it difficult for them to complete their everyday activities. 

We assist parents and their children by providing individualized support, knowledge and strategies, so that together we can help your child:

  • Regain confidence

  • Improve outcomes

  • Be empowered


We focus on the child’s specific, individual strengths and differences, and work together with parents and caregivers to create interventions that are fun and effective.


 Free Sensory Profile Packet

Calling all parents!


If you want to learn more about the different sensory profiles and basic sensory processing knowledge, this FREE PDF is for you.

In this 8 page PDF, you'll find:

Information on sensory over responders (sensitive children), sensory under responders and sensory seekers, and some quick, actionable ways you can support them.

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Emotional and Sensory Strategies


We sought out help from Zoe for our daughter who was experiencing frequent and intense emotional outbursts associated with sensory sensitivities. Zoe provided simple exercises and changes we could make to our routine and interactions to prevent emotional outbursts. We learned by being attentive to our daughter's sensory diet and identifying calming activities we were able to significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of the outbursts. It is very evident that Zoe is doing what she is meant to be doing and is really gifted with kids.

Natasha Castelli - Parent

Supporting Children's Needs


Ms. Zoe has a passion for working with students, and it really shows. She understands how children learn and can offer a variety of ways to support a student with what they need. She uses different types of manipulatives to help students with fine motor skills as well as a variety of handwriting and typing programs depending on what works best for that particular student. She also has a depth of knowledge and skills for working with gross motor and sensory motor challenges as well. I highly recommend Zoe as a patient, caring, and dynamic Occupational Therapist who understands children's needs.

Charmain Tyler - Teacher

Handwriting Success


Zoe worked with our son when he was experiencing difficulty with fine motor and handwriting skills.  It turned out that he also had difficulty with motor planning and sensory regulation.  Zoe performed a thorough assessment and was able to further identify specific areas of need.  She then used a multi sensory approach to help build our son's handwriting skills, alongside sensory regulation strategies and exercises to develop overall coordination.  Our son made significant improvement with his writing skills and gained confidence at school.  He also looked forward to meeting with Zoe which made it a very positive experience.  

Peter & Shelly Benton - Parents

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