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Sensory Regulation Program

This 10 week course is specifically for children who are experiencing sensory regulation difficulties and includes the following:

* Sensory processing assessment (1 hour in clinic as well as review of results with parents via zoom)

* Nine 50 minute in person sessions with your child

* Weekly home guide and sensory related training specific to your child's needs

* Monthly zoom sessions for parents to support home program

* Visual supports and handouts


This will be completed over a 3 month period and is $795 per month 


Some topics that will be covered:

* How sensory issues can actually be improved for your child

* 4 different types of sensory needs kids have

* What to do when your child is having a meltdown

For more information and to discover if this is a good fit for your child, click on the link below to set up a free phone consultation.

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